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What is Share The Love?

Share the Love is presented as part of the IGNITE series during the Pan Am / Parapan Games. Share the Love will connect the city through a series of creative community initiatives that encourage neighbours to Share the Love with their city. This project in its entirety is intended to create a vibrant, engaging experience for residents and visitors throughout the Games, and also to highlight the creativity found throughout Mississauga to the world.

Share the Love is an interactive art project that will be built in collaboration with the citizens of Mississauga. This city-wide initiative will create a legacy beyond the games by fostering a sense of community, connectedness and cultural awareness within Mississauga. It will run for 22 days, which is the duration of the games starting with the Pan Am opening ceremonies and finishing with the Parapan closing ceremonies. It will celebrate the spirit of the games and bring together the citizens through various forms of creative engagement.